1. Gjosiah
    Created by Gjosiah
    Apr 14, 2018
    Salutations, 'Scapers,

    Most of today's update is centered around some under-the-hood improvements, some minor bugfixes, and the release of the Konduit Discord server.

    > Konduit on Discord

    That's right— as of today, you can now join the public Konduit Discord server! There are already some detailed introductions and rules laid out on the #welcome channel in Discord, so feel free to head on over.

    We do not intend to discontinue the use of the forums— they will still see their use through these update posts, as well as any threads we create for longer-term discussion.

    > Raid Scouting: Blocked Rooms

    You can now configure rooms to be blacklisted by the raid scouting features. Any blacklisted rooms will be highlighted red, both in the textual rotation in the chat, and the graphical layout in the on-screen overlay.

    > Tile Tagging

    Also in today's update is a new preliminary feature that allows you to tag specific tiles within the game world. Anywhere with a "Walk here" option is available to be tagged— just hold shift and right click, similar to NPC tagging. You can even customize the color of your tagged tiles. This feature is intended to be developed further; it has some obvious uses in the Inferno, but we're interested in seeing what other uses player can come up with.

    > In other news:
    • Issues with the right-click options for Bank Tagging have been resolved.
    • There have been a few performance improvements under the hood, specifically related to rendering the client's overlays.
    • We are aware of an issue causing the map...
  2. Gjosiah
    Created by Gjosiah
    Mar 27, 2018
    Hey again 'Scapers,

    Without further ado— Konduit 2.19 is here! This update brings many features for use within the Chambers of Xeric, and a few miscellaneous changes besides. There will be more to come later this weekend.

    > Chambers of Xeric Features

    Features centered around the Chambers of Xeric raids have been requested frequently lately. Today's update happens to include a few features that you may find useful in your ventures into Mount Quidamortem.

    I have been testing these features pretty extensively, but there is always room for bugs to occur. As always, please let us know if you experience any problems.

    > Raids Scouting

    When entering a raid, its layout of bosses and skilling rooms will automatically be detected, if possible. Note that there are a few layouts where the client does not initially see enough of the raid to be able to do this. When this happens, you will be notified in the chat with a message stating that the raid could not be scouted.

    Assuming the raid was successfuly scouted, a new overlay will be shown on screen at the start of a raid. This overlay can also optionally be shown during the raid, at which point it will mark off the rooms as you advance through them.

    > New Points Overlay

    The vanilla points overlay is limited to two spots on the screen (though most players don't know that you can cause it to move by changing the position of your vanilla xp counter). This could cause some issues with overlapping overlays. As of today, you can now move the points overlay anywhere on the screen, as it is now a custom overlay. This overlay can also optionally be right-aligned.

    When not in a solo party, it will display your current...
  3. Foxxi
    Created by Foxxi
    Mar 5, 2018
    Hello everyone!

    We wanted to make a post regarding the recent concerns of the community regarding the IP leaks of users on the RuneLoader client, and touch base with everyone as it seems to be a common concern brought to our attention over the past couple of days. We want to reach out to all of you and let you know that the integrity of the 3 of us will not ever be compromised. We keep our staffing with Konduit on a very very short leash, as there is only myself, Rustywolf, and Gjosiah. We have had other developers reach out to us asking to join the team to assist with releasing updates to the client, and have kindly declined for this reason.

    I personally want to apologize for my absence in the community over the past year. A lot of situations irl hindered my ability to play the game, let alone stay active in the community. These situations have since been resolved, and as of last week I've made a return to the community. @Gjosiah has been putting in some amazing work, and we have some really great features coming out very soon as well as some great fixes coming to the existing plugins.

    We're aware of most of the issues with plugins, and will be smoothing them out over the next couple of weeks. However, it's impossible for us to catch every bad problem. So if you'd like to help out in reporting some of the issues you're having with plugins, or if you have any suggestions for additions, please feel free to whisper me on Twitch. My username on there is Foxxi. I'm also available ingame for various questions with the same username.

    Again, we're very sorry for the absence in updates and appreciate everyone who has continued to support the client. The development for this client started over 3 years ago, and we never would've thought it would be as popular as it is now. Thank you for everything, and here's to another 3 years! :)

  4. Gjosiah
    Created by Gjosiah
    May 2, 2017
    Hey all you 'Scapers,

    Another slew of updates is coming to a Konduit client near you (right now!). The changes outlined here were released publically on or before the 2nd of May.

    We have a few more, non-ingame changes coming soon, including a new update to the Launcher, and some new ways to connect with us on social media. We'll have more on that soon; without further ado, here are the major points of 2.17.0:

    > Old Interface Style
    To start things off, we're getting truly oldschool, with the old interface style used during 2005-2007. The style offered is a mostly-faithful recreation of the old interface layout, with some minor tweaks to make it fit within OSRS' interface system.

    You can switch into this interface in the "Interface Styles" configuration, found in the wrench tab.

    > Stretched Fixed Mode
    Also in this update— possibly the feature which has garnered the most user engagement out of any suggestion on the forums— is stretched fixed mode.

    When active, this feature will stretch the game to the full size of the client, filling the space of what would have previously been black bars.

    Image scaling is not free, so if you already experienced less than 50 FPS in fixed mode, enabling stretched fixed mode will likely decrease performance, even if only slightly. Even with this setting enabled, no additional processing is performed in resizable mode, or if the client is already at its minimum size in fixed mode.

    The default aspect ratio of the client (1.52 : 1) will not be maintained automatically; a feature for this may be added in the future.

    You find the setting to stretch the fixed mode game to the size of the client under the Render Settings configuration, in the wrench tab.

    We have tested this feature relatively extensively, but...
  5. Gjosiah
    Created by Gjosiah
    Feb 8, 2017
    Hey there 'Scapers,

    Today is a special day— not only because there are some shiny, new features coming to a Konduit client near you— but because it's Konduit's birthday! Today marks one year since our original public release, one year ago on the 8th of February. Continuously evolving throughout that year, it looks quite a bit different now than it did then.

    To start the next year off, we have a number of new, smaller features that we have been rounding up, including many features / fixes requested by users. The changes outlined in this changelog were released on the 8th of February.

    > Maps of Instanced Areas
    In a rather small but significant extension to the current map's features, the World Map plugin now supports rendering maps of instanced areas on-demand. It shows about what the minimap does, but may come in handy when navigating an unfamiliar POH, when exploring a raids dungeon, or something of the like.

    With this feature enabled, a view of your client's currently loaded area will be rendered when a new area is loaded. As it renders all planes at once, it will only spend time re-rendering the maps when you move horizontally out of the currently loaded area.

    > Support for Emoji in Chat
    On a somewhat sillier note, the ingame chat now optionally supports emoji. This works for all public, private, and clan chat; it will also appear above player's heads when they are speaking in public chat near you.

    You can use these emoji by typing their names within colons, such as :smile:, :thinking:, :upside_down_face:, :heart:, and hundreds more. This behavior is similar to many chat programs, so you may already be familiar with it.

    In one of the next patches, we plan to add something to more easily know what the short code for a given emoji is. In the meantime, if you're interested, you can...
  6. Gjosiah
    Created by Gjosiah
    Jan 10, 2017
    Hello again 'Scapers,

    We have been working on some cool new updates that we will be very excited to share with you— you should be hearing about these in the near future.

    In the meantime, we have a few smaller tweaks and changes that were ready for release; the festive, seasonal updates have also passed. These updates were live as of yesterday, on the 9th of January.

    > Minor Map Update
    The World Map has been updated to contain the latest and greatest in the RuneScape overworld, notably featuring Mount Quidamortem and the area surrounding it.

    > Sidebar Handing Changes
    Those of you who play in resizable may have noticed that the sidebar would always open inward when it had the room to. This meant that the size of the Konduit window would typically not change, but the game would typically shrink by the width of the side panel.

    As of today's update— when you enable the "Retain game size when side panel opens" feature shown above— the side panel will open outward, and always retain the size of the game. If you play in fixed mode, you shouldn't notice a change.

    With the new setting enabled, opening the side panel in the above picture would keep the game where it is, and the side panel would occupy the area spanning until the yellow line. With the setting disabled, as previously, it will open inward and shrink the game, occupying the area spanning until the purple line.

    > Blocked Ground Items
    In 2.15.0, it was changed so that all items have an overlay when holding the Alt key, even if they were blocked. However an oversight meant that you could not un-block these items through the menu. In today's update, the block button will now toggle the blocked state of an...
  7. Gjosiah
    Created by Gjosiah
    Dec 25, 2016
    Hey there 'Scapers,

    Holiday merriment and cheer are here, and so are a few new features that we have been working on recently. Stay tuned in the new year for some more updates that will be coming soon. The updates outlined in this changelog have been released as of the time of its posting.

    > Winter Seasonal Updates
    The winter holiday season is upon us again, but Gielinor hasn't got quite as much snow as it did last year. That hasn't stopped them from decorating the place a bit to spread holiday merriment; everyone is happy, as you can see, Mr. Spirit Tree is very enthusiastic about having been decorated.

    These cosmetic updates will remain in the client until early January, but if you'd prefer to not see them, you can disable them by running the ::seasonal command.

    > Player Owned House Map Icons
    Various useful objects within player-owned houses will now be labelled on the minimap with a recognizable icon. A total of 31 categories of hotspots will be labelled, including every type of portal, spellbook altars, prayer altars, jewelry boxes, restoration pools, and countless more. Most of these are represented in the above picture.

    > Skill Calculators
    Today also sees the addition of the new Skill Calculators side panel. There are currently 17 skills included in these calculators, and each includes most of the activities that you could train any given skill with.

    Some training methods are omitted for brevity in skills where experience is based on the number of resources (e.g. bars/planks) used. Otherwise, most training methods were included; even if they are seldom used, we did not want to decide what was worthwhile to include for...
  8. Gjosiah
    Created by Gjosiah
    Nov 18, 2016
    Hello again 'Scapers,

    We're releasing another patch this week with a few tweaks and changes. There will be some larger updates coming soon in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. The changes in this changelog were live as of the evening of Friday, 19th November.

    > Zeah Map & Surface Map Labels
    A maps update was released last night, which primarily revised the area occupied by Zeah to its newly updated form. There are also many more labels on the surface map now, identifying smaller points of interest in addition to the cities and kingdoms that were already labelled. Many of these areas that were pretty bare before, such as the Wilderness, have been fleshed out with many new labels.


    > Hiscores Side Panel
    The Hiscores side panel has received a new lick of paint, and now also includes the Hardcore Ironman hiscores. Additionally— not pictured— the ingame overlay that appears when you attack or follow another player has had its colors improved; the colors used now are the same as those used for combat level differences, with multiple shades of red/green.

    > Level-up Chat Message Changes
    There was previously a feature that would display your new level in the chat alongside the congratulations message. This has been reformatted to be in line with the message format used in pre-eoc, in a single line of chat rather than two.

    This feature is now also configurable under the "Level-up levels in chat" setting in the Status Alerts configuration, as it previously wasn't controlled by any setting.

    > Vanilla Client Optimizations
    Konduit has always made some notable performance optimizations to the default (vanilla) client. Today...
  9. Gjosiah
    Created by Gjosiah
    Nov 10, 2016
    Hey 'Scapers,

    Another Thursday, another update; this week we mostly have bug fixes and other minor changes. There are also quite a few new dungeon maps being added to the World Map, which will be sure to help you out as you explore the world of Gielinor— maybe even in the new hardcore ironman mode with today's update!

    This update was released in tandem with Oldschool RuneScape 126, on the 10th of November.

    > Dungeon Maps Batch Two
    We have a whole slew of new dungeon maps to add to the World Map in today's update, including the following places:
    • Asgarnian Ice Dungeon
    • Brimhaven Dungeon
    • Dorgesh-Kaan
    • Godwars Dungeon
    • Karamja Volcano
    • Keldagrim
    • Lumbridge Caves
    • Misthalin Underground
    • Rellekka Slayer Cave
    • Stronghold of Security
    • TzHaar City
    • Waterbirth Dungeon / Upper Area
    • Wilderness Godwars Expansion
    • Zanaris

    There will be a maps update later today that adds additional labels and tooltips to both these new maps and the existing surface map.

    There are also a few new maps that have significant features on more than just one plane, so we have added support for changing the currently displayed plane when viewing these maps. You can click the buttons on the map's frame, or hold shift and scroll the mouse wheel. Some examples of maps with multiple planes would be Waterbirth Dungeon, Dorgesh-Kaan, and Brimhaven Dungeon.

    > Smithing Idle Alert Changes
    The Idle Alert for smithing has now been split into two: "smithing," which will alert you when you stop smithing bars on an anvil, and "smelting," which will alert you when you stop smelting ores at a furnace.

    The new smelting Idle Alert will now also account for creating cannonballs.

    > Other Changes / Bugfixes
    • Revised some internal systems to fix some click issues introduced when...
  10. Gjosiah
    Created by Gjosiah
    Nov 3, 2016
    Hey there 'Scapers,

    Another Thursday, another update. This week we've got quite a lot in store for you. Chock full o' features, this week sees the addition of Bank Item Tags, Screen Markers, a Blast Furnace overlay, a few new Idle Alerts and many fixes / minor changes besides.

    This update was released in tandem with Oldschool RuneScape 125 on Thursday, 3rd November.

    > Bank / Item Tags
    Item Tags have been a feature I have planned to add for quite a while, and with them making such a splash in the community recently, what better time could there be?

    From today on, you can now set tags on all items in your bank or Grand Exchange. This can be found through the associated right click options on items in your bank, and the buy offer for the Grand Exchange.

    After tagging items, you can then search for their tag while in the bank screen.

    Notice that in the above image, the search for "farming" also returned my Farming skillcape and hood as a result. This is not because it was tagged, but rather because it had "farming" contained in its name. If you want to narrow your search to only tagged items, you can do that by prefixing your search with "tag:"— as shown below:


    The new Item Tags also work as a search term in the Grand Exchange—so you can quickly find all of the items that you may need to stock up on.

    > Screen Markers
    Screen Markers have been a common request among users, so as of today, you can now access a highly customizable Screen Marker editor!

    You can access the Screen Marker...