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  1. Boto
    I can only see the Announcements, Dev Blogs and Polls in the forums and nothing else?
  2. khajiita9
    Que tu camino, te dirija a tierras calidas...
  3. JalaalTheMagcian
    Konduit client not letting me log in but the website does. GG Konduit.
  4. akke_blakk95
    Can I unbind CTRL so I don't accidently when I switch prayer I open the configuration window?
  5. Shark(P++)
    Konduit Launcher stuck at: Initializing OldSchool Client and freezing? Usually works after i open 5-7 clients but not always.
  6. LLuisXI
    EL Rune lo es todo...
  7. badgehunter
    I just noticed the announcement at reddit. And i am happy :) Konduit 4 life.
  8. Ozzyos
    It's back up!
  9. CROWnose
    Authentication error? And it says launcher is at 1.38.1, how? I was using this fine yesterday.
  10. bxboogie
    bxboogie pkwa9lawy
    Facts same shit thought i was buggin
  11. pkwa9lawy
    how can i have client settings saved to all my accounts that i login with rather than fixing it each time? @Gjosiah
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  12. reklaW_Konduit
    An error saying it failed to connect to services I've print screened the launch console. Help! xD
  13. mikeyboy
    I’m having the same problem
  14. Schmarmy
    I have a question. Is there any way i can change the scaling? I havea4k monitor and it forces 100% scaling which makes everything too small.
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  15. WraithDeath
    WraithDeath Gjosiah
    It keeps telling me "an error occured trying to authenticate" I reinstalled and changed my password just incase that was it how do I fix this?
  16. dsalazar
    La inteligencia me persigue pero yo soy mas rápido.
  17. disco-dave
    Why am i not allowed to see that post? I just wanna know how to make rs bigger on a 4k monitor :(
    1. Schmarmy
      Ah! someone else with my problem, is it forcing 100% scaling on yours too? I have a 17" 4k screen but keep it at 180% scaling but it is forcing the konduit window to 100% so it makes everything waaaaaay too small.
      Feb 22, 2018
  18. disco-dave
  19. Godtfredsen
  20. abuelo
    Lorg bardot