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  1. Apex_Brex
    Anyone having an authentication error?
  2. Buhrritos
    this is doing nothing for me idk whats wrong with it
  3. phillip Jongsma
    phillip Jongsma Cantfindtaco
    anyone have any idea on how to fix this problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still same issue. some help on this would be great! Dec. 8th 2018
  4. Cantfindtaco
    Re-downloaded after a long time and the client wont update from patch 1.38.1... no side bar or any konduit features...
    1. Emericas
      same to me dec. 12, no features or anything
      Dec 8, 2018
  5. bluedream112
    this is a joke.. first time user. This was a waste, it dont do a single lol
  6. rangers2
    wtf is the problem with the clien side bar not appearing
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  7. bluedream112
  8. William_97
    William_97 Gjosiah
    Having some problems with the client, i have no toolkit altough im logged in and stuff, any suggestions ?
  9. Phannyfiend
    downloaded ur shit and now my bank got hacked for 2.9m gp, get me my money back or I will make sure this website get blocked.
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  10. evan a carter
    evan a carter
    fix your stupid ass fucking client asap you idiots
  11. evan a carter
    evan a carter
    this client randomnly just stopped working and the plug ins, add ons arent aviable anymore and im getting very upset
  12. badgehunter
    if any devs are here: please say when new updates are coming.
  13. Limeade
  14. Anti Swag
    Anti Swag
    My Hiscores Lookup isn't working for OSRS. Any suggestions?
  15. Jaga Dravec
    Jaga Dravec
  16. miltonfranco
    miltonfranco Jords
    Hello Jords,

    Sorry to bother you, but I'm having some trouble with the konduit bank evaluator. The CASH ($) Symbol appears on my bank but I can't toggle it or make it work. I've tried deleting and and installing the client again and still nothing. It's something that I would like to use.


  17. pkwa9lawy
    how can i have client settings saved to all my accounts that i login with rather than fixing it each time? make it easier to log in diff pk
  18. teamemb99
    how can i view raids map when in raids? i ue to be able to, but not anymore
  19. Dro Rose
    Dro Rose
    How do i make oppontent's HP show? Its only showing %
  20. ozkr