1. Gjosiah
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    Oct 30, 2016
    Hello again 'Scapers,

    Today we have a few tweaks to the new World Map, a fresh new skin for a side panel, and a few bug fixes in addition to that. Some of the changes outlined in this changelog were released on 20th October with Oldschool RuneScape 124. The rest of the changes are now live as of the time of this post.

    > World Map Tweaks
    The new World Map, released a few weeks ago, has been generally well received. A zoom feature was in the works, and has now been completed. We have also resolved a few minor issues with the map calculating positions.

    We have been listening out for which other dungeons you'd like to see added, and we will have a few of them coming soon.

    > Revised Info Side Panel
    The Client Info side panel has received a fresh new coat of paint today; it still displays the user, version, and session information as before, now just in a prettier format.

    You may also notice a few shiny new points of attention. The most recent changelogs or announcement posts will now be referenced from the client. You can click on them and be taken to their respective post; that might even be how you got here!

    There is also now a button that takes you to the donation page, as this previously was not displayed anywhere in the client. All of your generous donations go towards the operation and developement costs of Konduit. If you are enjoying your experience on Konduit, please do consider donating; we appreciate all of you who have done so.

    > Bugfixes:
    • Updated the prayer Status Indicator and tooltips on prayer potions to properly reflect Holy wrenches, Prayer capes, and the Ring of the gods (i) throughout.
    • Fixed a silly error that caused the Hunter...
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    Oct 8, 2016
    Hey there 'Scapers,

    It's time for another update— which is great, as we have been working on some shiny new features lately. All of the changes outlined in this changelog were live as of today, Saturday 8th October.

    Note: On release, there was an issue with a few features such as food tooltips, a new same-version build has been released to resolve these issues as of this time.

    > World Map Updates and Dungeon Maps
    This week, the World Map plugin has seen quite a large reworking. We are now using a new, custom map format that allows for a higher resolution, interactive map. This allows for us to mark certain map features with tooltips, such as fairy rings, dungeon enterances, agility shortcuts, and the like. The map also still integrates with the Death Marker and Clue Scroll Helper plugins to display their relevant markers.

    In addition to those features, the World Map plugin is now capable of displaying a map of any location ingame. We've mapped out three frequently used dungeons to start with: the Gnome Stronghold Slayer Cave, the Catacombs of Kourend, and Taverley Dungeon. A full map of the surface world is also included, as before.

    Let us know what other areas you would find useful to have a map. We currently have planned to add maps for the Waterbirth and Brimhaven dungeons within the near future.

    While the World Map now supports mapping any area ingame, we have limited this to three dungeons to start, as many areas ingame are seldom visited outside of a quest. We would like to minimize clutter and keep the mapped areas limited to the practical, useful areas that would see use in the client.

    > Opponent Info Player HP
    Back in July, there was a change to Oldschool that meant all entity hitpoints were given as percentages. We had...
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    Aug 18, 2016
    Hello again 'Scapers,

    It's Thursday again, and yet again we have a few new features coming to a Konduit client near you. The updates outlined here were live shortly before the time of this changelog.

    > Agility Overlays

    A feature to mark the clickable areas of agility obstacles has possibly been the most highly requested feature since our initial release. As of today, the Agility Overlays plugin now does exactly that, marking the approximate hitboxes for all obstacles on the following courses: all rooftop agility courses, the Gnome Stronghold agility course, the Wilderness agility course, and the Dorgesh-Kaan agility course. You can also configure the color of the hitboxes under the Agility Overlays configuration.

    > Hiscores Changes

    The Hiscores side panel has received a few updates. Most notably, a player's rating in the new Last Man Standing minigame is now shown, and clue scrolls are no longer shown. The Hiscores side panel now optionally displays virtual skill, total, and combat levels.

    Shortly before LMS was released, the official hiscores API was modified to no longer return clues; a few J-mods have said that they plan to add clue scroll hiscores back, with separate hiscores for each tier.

    There is also now a "Hiscore" right click option on friends in your friends list.

    > Experience Tracker Changes
    The Experience Trackers should now accurately account for performing activities where you gain fractional experience, such as burning yew or magic logs, mixing most potions, etc. We also have plans in the near future to display more useful "remaining" text such as "laps remaining" for agility, or "kills remaining" for combat.

    > Minor Changes / Bugfixes:
    • Updated Mouse Keys to only...
  4. Gjosiah
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    Aug 18, 2016
    Hey there 'Scapers,

    It has been a while, but it has not been without quite a few notable updates. The updates outlined in this changelog were added throughout the month of July in versions 2.11.0 through 2.11.7.

    > Mouse Keys
    Today we have quite a few highly requested features, but perhaps the most requested of the lot has been Mouse Keys. There is now a Mouse Keys plugin, designed to mimic the features of Windows MouseKeys. These are enabled by default and function based on your keyboard's number pad, using the 8, 5, and 2 keys to control the mouse and the divide (/), multiply (*), and subtract (-) keys to change the click mode. You can modify the settings for this under the Mouse Keys configuration.

    > Barrows Map Overlay

    There are a couple new features that can be found in the Minigame Overlays settings. Most notably, the doors within the barrows tunnels are now marked on the minimap, as shown above. There is also a new overlay for the Dorgesh-Kaan agility course, with a Blast Furnace overlay planned to be added soon.

    > Opponent Info HP Changes
    As of 14 July, there was a change to how the client receives entity hitpoints. While the client previously received a current and maximum HP, after this change it now receives a percentage.

    The Opponent Info plugin will try to display an estimate of an NPC's current health based on their known maximum health. In any other case, including with players, the HP will now be displayed as a percentage. We have plans to add the option to enable estimating a player's current health, based on their hiscores; note that this may be inaccurate if the player has gained hitpoints levels since logging out.

    > Marked NPCs and Fishing Spots on the Minimap

    Marked NPCs...
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    May 29, 2016
    Hey 'Scapers,

    We've got a few new features and plenty of small changes / fixes to bring to you today, all of the changes outlined in this post were live at the time the changelog was posted. We also have a number of highly requested features nearly ready to go, which should be out later this week or the next.

    > NPC Tagging
    You can now tag any NPCs by holding down the Shift key when right clicking them— when doing so, the 'Examine' option will change to 'Tag'.

    An NPC tagged this way will remain tagged after dying and respawning, and even after leaving the area and coming back. NPCs tagged this way will now also be marked on the minimap. This feature was designed for marking your chinchompa spawn when training Hunter, but you can probably think of many other creative uses!

    This was originally included as a hidden feature in 2.8.0; we were giving it some time to ensure that this feature was stable.

    > New Item Labels
    There are now two new item labels for the coal bag and the soul bearer. Similar to the existing label for runecrafting pouches, both the coal bag and the soul bearer will display their contents on the item in your inventory. You will have to check or use these before it can display the contents. Additionally, as you can own more than one soul bearer, it will only track the one you have most recently used.

    > Farming Cycle Timer and Indicator
    There is now a new Status Indicator for farming, controlled by the stat tick indicator. It is disabled by default and needs to be configured, which can be found under the Farming Timers configuration. You can choose to have it track either...
  6. Gjosiah
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    May 6, 2016
    Hey there 'Scapers,

    It was Thursday again, and we've got a load of new features ready to go. The changes outlined here were live shortly before the posting of this changelog.

    > New Freeze Timer Indicators
    There is now a new Status Indicator available for freeze timers. These timers will track when you are bound by magic spells, complete with a timer displaying when you will be able to move again.

    > Brightened / Darkened Hitsplats
    Highly reminiscent of an update to the main game back in the pre-eoc era, your own character's hit marks are now visually distinguished from those of other players. All damage that you deal directly will be the typical bright red, as well as any damage on your character.

    This feature can be toggled under the Opponent Info configuration, with the "Darken other's hisplats" setting.

    > Clan Join / Leave Messages
    You can now enable joining / leaving messages for clan chat, which will display when a user joins or leaves the clan chat you are in. It can also be configured to only display these messages for players of a certain rank or higher. It will not display any join messages when you yourself join a clan chat, and these messages will disappear after about 12 seconds to avoid clutter.

    These messages are disabled by default, as they tend to be somewhat spammy; to enable them, you can find them under the Player Indicators configuration, under the "Clan join / leave messages" setting.

    > Set Friend Notes
    You can now set notes on players in your friends list by...
  7. Gjosiah
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    Apr 23, 2016
    Hello again 'Scapers,

    We're back today with another small update; we have a few changes to last Thursday's update, and a few bugfixes besides. The changes outlined here were live at the time of this changelog.

    > Bank Value Improvements
    The Bank Value feature released last Thursday was a highly requested feature, and there are still quite a few people asking for this feature as they were not aware that we had added it. We've added a new button to the bank interface that should make this feature more apparent and conveniently accessible.

    Some users were reporting that the Bank Value calculations were noticeably inaccurate, and this was likely because many untradeable items had a significant value, but were not being counted as they were untradeable in their current state.

    We've now made it so various untradeable items are now included when calculating your bank's value. Ranging from barrows sets to imbued rings, there were a few valueable items that were previously not being accounted for, as they were untradeable. These items are now included at the value of their most sensible, tradeable analog, such as the unimbued version of imbued rings.

    > Bugfixes:
    • Revised the Clue Scrolls plugin to address some potential issues with "missing" clues.
    • Fixed a formatting issue with some item names displayed by the Bank Value side panel.
    • Revised the Hunter Overlay to more reliably find traps when you are setting them up.
    • Updated the World Map plugin to avoid causing delays during client initialization.
  8. Gjosiah
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    Apr 22, 2016
    Hey 'Scapers,

    Another Thursday is upon us, and we have a hefty amount of updates up for release today. These changes were live before the time of this changelog. The precursor to this update was released in tandem with the release of Oldschool RuneScape 113, on 21 April.

    > Bank Value & GE Tools
    One highly requested feature has been for a means to check your bank's tradeable value. You can now find a new option in the Grand Exchange side panel which will allow you to do just that.

    To avoid unnecessary processing and web requests, this feature does not run passively. If you want to utilize this feature, you have to run it explicitly. You can do this from the "Exchange / Bank Tools" side panel, under the Bank Val screen. Once you click the calculate button, any necessary item prices will be queried, and a summary of your bank's estimated value will be displayed.

    The bank screen must be open in order to do this, as the client only has access to this data while the bank is open. It may take a second to run the first time, as it queries for the prices of the tradeable items in your bank on demand, not passively.

    Untradeable items are currently not included in the total value, in the future their alchemy values may be included when appropriate; we also plan to offer calculating the value of your bank based entirely on alchemy values in the near future.

    The bank value tools will display the total estimated value of your bank in coins, as well as your highest valued single item, your highest valued stack of items, and your largest stack of items.

    If you have more than one bank tab, it will also show a breakdown of each non-empty tab's value, as pictured above.

    In conjunction with the new Bank Value tools, the interface for the...
  9. Gjosiah
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    Apr 2, 2016
    Hey there 'Scapers,

    Aside from the meme-day features you may have seen yesterday, this week is mostly bugfixes. We plan to have a few feature updates next week.

    This update was in tandem with the release of Oldschool RuneScape 111, on 31 March.

    > Bugfixes / Improvements:
    • Updated a core part of the client to resolve some overlay inconsistencies when logging in.
    • Updated the Farming Timers plugin to not display estimated times for dead patches, to update more promptly when logging in / out, and to correct some behavior with wood trees.
    • Revised the Status Alert on-screen messages to better center them in resizable.
    • Updated the Status Indicators cannon timer to recognize when you've repaired an existing cannon.
    • Revised runecrafting pouch tooltips to account for normal rune essence.
    • Fixed a few mis-labeled skills in potion tooltips.
    • Revised the binding necklace Status Orb to account for the new max charge.
    • Updated hiscore-related features to account for the new seasonal deadman mode.
    • Fixed an issue where the font may not have properly been set in tooltips.
  10. Gjosiah
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    Apr 1, 2016
    Hey there Memescapers,

    Our maintenance monkeys seem to have lost our calculators on one of their expeditions. Despite this small accident, I assure you our maintenance monkeys are highly trained experts in their field.

    Regardless, I've had to do the version math myself this week; not sure if I got to 100% right, but version 4.2.0 sounds right.

    > Love and Hugs Update

    We were notified that a lot of the NPCs ingame were feeling lonely and our resident psychologist had even informed us that the way some players treat these NPCs only makes them feel isolated and they run risks of developing psycological issues.

    From today, all "Attack" options have been replaced with the much more affectionate "Hug" option. Unfortunately,
    your characters may have a difficult time abandoning their violent ways, so it may still look like you are attacking these NPCs, but we're told that they appreciate the thought, at the very least.
    * We are not responsible for any NPCs you may kill while attempting to hug them.

    We have also paid close attention to the RuneScape playerbase, and have heard their pleas. Today we are introducting a new feature: Flirting*. Your RuneScape character does not have much experience with this, so at first it may seem that the NPCs merely think you're talking to them. Your chances of successfully flirting with the NPCs increases slightly** when you are wearing a full suit of white armor.

    * This is by no means a guarantee you will successfully flirt with them.
    ** This added chance may be less...