1. Gjosiah
    Created by Gjosiah
    Mar 24, 2016
    Hey there 'Scapers,

    Another Thursday is with us, and we have some cool new features to release. These changes will be live shortly after the time of this changelog, on 24 March.

    Note: A precursor to this update, version 2.6.3, was released earlier today in order to initially update to Oldschool RuneScape 110.

    > Farming Timers
    Over the past weekend, I've been working on a rather large framework for farming crops, and today we're releasing our new Farming Timers plugin.

    The Farming Timers plugin will do its best to track your crops as you plant them, and then it will maintain projected growth times. It takes into account as much information as possible, including when you log out and cause a farming tick to be skipped, but it cannot give you the exact status of your patches unless you are nearby them, due to an Oldschool update a few months ago. As a result of this, some conditions may cause the timers to be overestimates of the actual patch growth state. The timers will not show you when a patch is diseased, and will only show you that a patch is dead when you move nearby to it.

    Behind the scenes, we've also added a new alert display system, as pictured above. The Farming Timers plugin uses this to indicate when you have planted a crop. Multiple other features make use of these messages as well, such as ring of recoil break alerts. There are only a few categories of messages so far, but you can configure them in the "Client Messages" configuration in the wrench tab.

    With this update, the Experience Tracker and World Map have received some minor aesthetic touch-ups to bring them in line with the evolving design featured in the Farming Timers plugin.

    > New Hover Tooltips...
  2. Gjosiah
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    Mar 17, 2016
    Hello 'Scapers,

    It's Thursday again, accompanied by some more patches. Due to our feature release earlier this week, we have stuck to fixing a few bugs and/or inconsistencies in existing features for this week— we instead have a few features slated for next week. We still have a few more changes in mind, so there is likely to be a 2.6.2 patch over the weekend.

    These changes were live before the time of this changelog. This update was in tandem with the release of Oldschool RuneScape 109, on 17 March.

    > Focused Idle Alerts
    The Idle Alerts features can now optionally be allowed to trigger when the client window has focus. When they were released in 2.5.0, these alerts would only activate when the client window was not the active window. This is still the default behavior, but you can now change this with the option labelled "Alert when focused" in the Idle Alerts config.

    > Attack Indicator Fixes
    The Attack Indicator feature for removing the tiles for blocked attack styles has had an issue resolved where the autocasting buttons on staves would erroneously disappear under some circumstances.

    The warning messages for switching your weapon and ending up on a blocked attack style have also been revised. These are now sent immediately, whereas previously an oversight had them related to opening the attack styles tab.

    > Other Fixes:
    • Revised the World Map to better prevent circumstances where the mouse or mouse wheel would get "stuck" when panning around the map.
    • Fixed some timing issues with the idle cooking alert that caused it to alert before your character was actually idle.
    • Revised the format of hover tooltips to include all applicable and enabled features, formerly some tooltips, such as the healing amounts for food,...
  3. Gjosiah
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    Mar 14, 2016
    Hey 'Sc— Wait, an update on a Monday!?

    Earlier today there was a pretty big announcement in regard to Konduit Prime. You can read more about that [here]. The long and the short of it is that every feature of Konduit is now free for all to use. We'd like to take another chance to thank everyone who chose to support us in the first month, and we will continue to provide everyone with the best client that we can— check out the thread linked above for more information.

    Altogether this was a relatively small update in terms of new features, however the changes we have made related to Prime spanned throughout a significant portion of the client, so we are also pushing out the pending updates and fixes that we had been working on at the same time. All of the updates outlined below are live as of the time of this post.

    > Former Prime Features:
    • Removing attack style tiles for blocked attack styles.
    • Grave markers on the world map, minimap and game world.
    • Name highlights in game and twitch chats.
    • Impling indicators on the minimap and game world.
    • Item overlay for teleportation jewelry charges.
    • Item tooltip for food healing amounts.
    • Minimap and game world markers for friends / clan mates.
    • Alert for rings of recoil breaking.
    • Alert for binding necklaces disintegrating.
    • Alert for your cannon being about to decay.
    • Status indicator for low prayer.
    • Status indicators for boss timers.
    • Status orb for cannonballs.
    • Status orb for binding necklace charges.
    All of the features listed above were formerly features of Prime, before today's changes. We'll be sure to update the list if we've missed any.

    > New Hover Tooltip Design
    The hover tooltips have gotten a new coat of paint today, and now uses a...
  4. Gjosiah
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    Mar 14, 2016
    Hello once again guys,

    One of our central goals from the very beginning of this project has been to provide as many people as possible with a highly functional, performance-inclined client with innovative features and a polished aesthetic. Our original intention of offering Konduit Prime was to allow people to support operation costs and further development while receiving early access to new beta features, but effectively hiding many of our client’s features behind a paywall didn’t line up with our vision. Today we are making a few changes to bring this more in line with our goals.

    Konduit Prime has been disabled for the past few weeks. This was intentional and not due to any development issues— we had disabled it pending discussion on the future direction of the Konduit project. After much deliberation, taking into account many factors both internal and external, we decided that the best path for us was to release the entire client for free. There is no longer a separate client tier, and all of the formerly premium features are now free for everybody to use.

    > What if I was an existing Konduit Prime user?

    If you have are an existing prime user, any remaining subscription will be cancelled automatically over the next few days— the reason that this cannot be done instantly is that some of the process must be done manually. You will be refunded for any remaining days on your current month. As a gesture of our gratitude for your early support of our client, we’ll be giving all users who had a Prime subscription at any point since our launch a unique forum rank. It really means a lot to us that you guys were willing to support us, and moving forward we will continue to make a client that you guys will love.

    > What if I still want to support the ongoing operation of Konduit?

    For those of you wondering how you can continue to support us, and in turn our projects,...
  5. Gjosiah
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    Mar 10, 2016
    Hey there 'Scapers,

    It's Thursday again and we're here— a bit early— with another update. This week has a load of new features and a fair bit of fixes and tweaks, so there's bound to be something for everyone. These changes will be live shortly after the time of this changelog.

    > Resizable World Map
    The world map can now be resized and moved around. You can click the leftmost button on the map's frame to enter edit mode, where you are able to drag the edges to resize the map. If you edit the size of the map, it will be saved individually for fixed and resizable mode and the client will attempt to use the last size you set whenever the client changes size.

    We've also added an information / help button on the world map's frame, which brings up a display of the main mouse / keyboard controls for the map, as these weren't explained anywhere previously.

    > Experience Tracker Goals
    A big behind-the-scenes rework of the Experience Tracker system has taken place, and you can now set goals for your skills. There is now a button labeled "Setup Goals" on the side panel for the Experience Tracker, clicking that will bring up the dialog pictured above.

    You can set any level or experience your goal target. Virtual levels through 120 are supported, and experience goals can be set to the maximum of 200 million experience. You can also set any starting point for your goal, with convenience options for your current experience or for the beginning of your current level; this starting point is used when calculating your current percentage through the goal.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The goals that you have set will slightly change the way the trackers look for those skills— they will...
  6. Gjosiah
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    Mar 4, 2016
    Hey 'Scapers,

    Another week has passed and a few new features and fixes come with today's update.

    The changes below are live as of time of this changelog, on Friday, 4 March.

    > New Status Indicators
    There is now another boss respawn timer for the Corporeal Beast. This functions in the same way that the existing ones do, and should be completely reliable.

    We have also added the first location-specific indicator, for Miscellania approval percentage. When enabled, this indicator will only be rendered when you are on Miscellania.

    > World Hopper Player Counts
    Updated the world hopper to display player counts. World list info is re-cached at least once per minute, so the player count should be able to give you a good estimate of the amount of players on any given world.

    New Inventory Item Overlays
    Added new inventory overlays for some specific items with information associated with them, notably:
    Cannonballs will display the number of cannonballs remaining in your cannon when it is actively firing.
    The slayer helm and slayer gems display the number of kills remaining on your current task.​

    This option is enabled by default, but can be disabled in the "Item / Hover Tooltips" configuration, called "Item semantics". This setting may be split into multiple settings as more items are labelled in this manner. These are both features that were present elsewhere, but we are making an effort to provide some features in multiple places so you can customize where you would like to see any given piece of information.

    > Other Updates:
    • Added a few more right click options to various overlays.
    • Updated the world map to the...
  7. Gjosiah
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    Feb 26, 2016
    Hey there 'Scapers,

    This week is a little heavier on the bug fixes, but we still have a few small improvements to bring to you. The changes below are live as of Friday, 26 February.

    > Alchemy Value Features for Ground Items
    You can now optionally select alchemy values above which ground items will be automatically highlighted, as well as alchemy values below which items will be automatically blocked. These thresholds are configurable separately.

    We have also visually improved the aesthetics of highlighted items in the right click menu: items that are highlighted will be a slightly brighter orange than the default, and will be suffixed with a small image indicating why that item is highlighted— currently a star for manually highlighted items, and an alchemy symbol for items that were highlighted for being above your alch value threshold. You can disable the right-click menu highlight by disabling "Highlight in right click" in the Ground Items configuration.

    It has been commonly requested for Grand Exchange prices of items to be able to be displayed next to items on the ground, and we will be implementing this and other relevant features after we make some minor improvements to our GE utilities.

    > New Status Indicator & More Planned
    We also have added an indicator tile for Overload potions in the Nightmare Zone minigame, and we have fixed some inconsistencies with a few others like the stamina indicator. We have had quite a few suggestions for location specific indicators, such as kingdom approval and waterskins, and we plan to add a batch of these in a future release.

    > Bugfixes:
    • Fixed an issue where shift-clicking items to look them up on the Grand Exchange would sometimes leave color codes in their names.
    • Fixed...
  8. Gjosiah
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    Feb 18, 2016
    Hello once again 'Scapers,

    This week's update has a few new features and a few more squashed bugs to boot.
    We've been paying close attention to the commonly requested features over the past week, and we plan to have at least a few of the larger ones ready for release next week.

    The changes listed below are live, so any newly launched client will receive these updates. This update was in tandem with the release of Oldschool RuneScape 108, on 18 February.

    > Window Size Options
    We received a few requests for a way to have the client remember the window size you previously had open. You can now access a setting dialog by clicking the arrows button on the window frame, as pictured. If you select "Remember last frame size," the client will load into the same size and maximized state as the last client you closed. There is also an option to lock the ability to resize the window, if you have a specific size that you always want the window to be.

    > Even More Hiscore Options
    With the popularity of our right-click Hiscore option on players, we received a few requests to add a similar option to chat messages. When enabled, this option should appear on all public, private or clan chat messages received from another player.

    The Hiscores options are off by default, and can be turned on in the "Hiscores Options" configuration in the wrench tab.

    > New Alt Key Features
    Proceeding with the theme of adding extended overlay functionality when holding down the Alt key, we have a few more features today. Most notably, there is now an option to display the high alchemy values of items in your inventory when holding down the Alt key / Option key. This option is on by default, but can be turned off in the...
  9. Gjosiah
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    Feb 13, 2016
    Hey 'Scapers,

    I have been gathering some bugs and other concerns that have been reported to us in the last few days, and have gone through and fixed enough of them to warrant releasing a new version with some relevant changes.

    These changes are now live, so the next time you launch or reload your clients, you will receive these fixes.

    > Configuration Panels in the Right Pane
    The behavior of the left panel when editing your settings was a relatively common concern with some people, specifically as opening or closing the left-hand panel could cause unexpected behavior when moving around overlays, as well as potentially causing issues with the screen captures that video makers or live streamers use to record the game. We saw this as a serious UX issue / flaw, so we have added the ability to open configs in the right pane to fix this.

    You can now check the box pictured above to open all configs in the right side panel— they will be displayed over top the Configuration Manager tab. The caveat to this is that only one configuration can be open at a time— be sure to click the "Save & Close" button after you are done editing your settings.

    > Buttons to Reset the Position of Overlays
    Another somewhat common issue that people were experiencing was that movable overlays could sometimes get stuck in weird places when resizing the client in resizable mode. I am going to be addressing these issues more thoroughly, but in the meantime resetting the bounds should allow you to regain control of any rogue overlays.

    > Other Bugs Fixed:
    • Added an option to the User / Client Info side panel to view
    • Fixed an issue with the Clan Caller feature when your chosen caller's name contained a space.
    • Addressed an issue where fonts of varying...
  10. Gjosiah
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    Feb 11, 2016
    Hey 'Scapers,

    In this week's feature update we are bringing you a few highly requested features, as well as fixing a few bugs. We have a few more bugs we intend to fix, these should be out in a patch the next few days.

    These changes are now live, so the next time you launch or reload the client, you will receive these updates.

    > Ground Items Ease of Use Updates
    A commonly requested feature this week has been the ability to more easily highlight and/or block items— without having to manually type their names when editing your settings.

    You can now hold down the Alt key, or the Option key on OSX systems, and two boxes will appear to the right of any items currently being labelled. The left box will toggle highlighting the item, and the right one will block the item from being displayed. While you are hovering over one of these boxes, the item's text will change to either "Highlight" or "Block" so you can be sure what you're clicking on. The size of the boxes scales with the size of the text you have configured, so you can choose a size that's easy for you to click on.

    > Home World Support on World Hopper
    Another commonly requested feature was to be able to set a home world, that the client would automatically choose on startup. We have added a button to the world hopper side panel that allows you to configure your home world. After it is set, the client will select that world on startup the next time.

    The world hopper has also been enabled when you are on the login screen— double-clicking a world will select that world as if you had gone through the "Click to switch" menu in the default client.

    > Client Framerate Display
    We have also added a...